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Cortubancho Sounsar / World of Actions (1970)

  • LanguageKonkani
  • Length3154.58 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number61840 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date16/10/1970

The production of this film was commenced by Albert de Britona who was a stage artist. But due to financial constraints it could not proceed further. Then Rico Rod stepped in. Rico who hails from Chinchinim has a good background of tiatrs and has acted in several of them. Taking advantage of this situation he made a daring attempt to complete this film and present it to the audience.

Caridade and Constantinho are two great friends. They cannot live without each other and come to each other’s help whenever needed. Everyone is impressed by their friendship. Now they want to further strengthen this friendship by getting their children married into both the families. 

But Constantinho is of a greedy nature. Due to this greed for money, he does not keep up his commitment and there is a rift between the two.

On the other hand, Caridade’s only daughter Lodomira is in love with Constantinho’s son Frank. Caridade’s greed for money comes in between the love birds. He wants to separate them. But God has his own ways. There is a saying that marriages are made in heaven and this comes true in this case. God comes to the help of the lovers.

Frank leaves for Bombay where he meets his uncle Toscano to whom he narrates everything. Upon hearing his woes, he is enraged. He has a plan up his sleeves. To put the plan into practice he meticulously makes arrangements.

With the help of his friends Rico and Albert, Toscano manages to solve the problem amicably. In this manner, the separated hearts are united. Rico and his crony Albert are comedians in the film in the garb of Tom and Jerry.