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Deccan Queen (1962)

  • Release Date1962
  • LanguageHindi

Faithful Diwan, when he found himself unable to rule over the state he handed over all the administration to Shere Singh.

Shere Singh started to take undue advantages of his power and post. No body has gutts to speak before him. But one day the editor of the paper exposed his all life, through his paper. As soon as he read the published new paper he ordered his men to burn his house and arrest him.

One day Suraj told all these things to his father (Diwan) Diwan told him to send this copy to Rajkumari, who was studying in foreign.

Rajkumari started on the same very day and had informed Diwan by her letter that she was coming by Deccan Queen. Shere Singh come to know all these mater, he ordered his men to blow the train. But faithful Chaliya and Chabila told this thing to Suraj. Suraj saved the life of Rajkumari on risking his life.

But Shere Singh thought that he is now free from any trouble, But at the same time one Naqab-posh came in the guise of the Deccan

Queen and fought against the cruelties of Shere Singh.

What happened to Shere Singh

How the Rajkumari got the state? And who was the Deccan Queen? See on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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