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Madame Zorro (1962)

  • GenreAction
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Fore father of Maharaja Jagatshingh, had left behind seven bottom loss treasures for the benefit of people but his sect. Prof. Shekhar wanted those treasures for himself. He tried but fail, he experimented with some secret, medicines and succeeded in creating an unbitten giant named Folad.

He was so dangerous looking that nobody except Shekhar could see his face without infinite body. One day under instructions of Shekhar blamed his son Ajit for death and threw in jail. Maya who love to Ajit. She took courage and released Ajit. Then Ajit meet to his child friend Jugnu lohar. She cut his brass lete and free him, but she arrested and thrown into jail for the help she gave to Ajit. Ajit turn into Bhil and released her from the jail. Shekhar charged for murder and for rebellion and declared a prize for his head. Meanwhile Shekhar began to loot people.

But to Joil his anti-people, activities  MADAME ZORRO come forward, she bit down the Army of Prof. Shekhar, declared a prize for head of Zoro also but, was he successful?
Could Prince Ajit prove his innocence?

Who was Folad?


Please for the answer, look all this on silver screen.

(From the official press booklets)