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Dangerous Night (2003)

  • Release Date2003
  • GenreHorror
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationFilmcity, Essel, Amandi Bungalow

Thakur Gajendra Singh (Raza Murad) is renowned Zamindar of village Amarpur, his wife was bed ridden since fifteen years for some leg disease. There are many servants in the palace among them Chhabila (Shakti Kapoor) is very close and faithful to Thakur. Chhabila is in love with Chhabili one made servant in the palace, he wants to marry her. Rangeela (Vinod Tripathi) and Rangeeli (Radha Tripathi) were also very faithful servant. Thakur has young and beautiful daughter Rani (Rani Sinha) is stride sin the city college and also stays there, she loves Amit (Amit Panchori) young and handsome boy. Thakur seduces Chhabeeli with is money and fals romance and amde his night colourful by several involvements with Chhabili and fulfils his lust. When Chhabila comes to know about their wrong relations, he threatened Thakur to pose his dirty intentions.

Thakur terminates Chhabili out of his way, and after some time errotic events starts happening inside the palace. Due to this dangerous events Thakur wife Dies. Thakur gets nervous. He takes help of Tantrik (Rajesh Vivek). The tantrik assume that there is devil soul moving around the palace, he advises few solutions but everything fails. Rani returns hoem due to her mother's death. Thakur's brother-in-law (Ramesh Goyal), his wife Neelam (J. Neelam) and his con Jay (Jay Thakur) comes to stay in the palace and cunningly plans to snatch the property of Thakur Gajendra Singh. Jai was having bad intentions toward Rani, by hook or crook he wanted to over power Rani to satisfy his dirty secual thirst. Amit arrives at Amarpur to meet his fiancy Rani. Jay does not like Amit's presence and he attacks Amit. Jay finds that chance to rape Rani, but gets kill by the devil. The police tries to investigates the murders in the palace, and the secrets behind the dangerous events but could not succeed. Whos he behind these events? Who is devil? What is his intentions? Whether Rani's maternal uncle succeeds to capture the property? Whether Amit able to marry Rani? The police success to catch the Devil or not? To get all these answers watch the film Dangerous Night (Khatarnak Raat).

[from the official press booklet]