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Gaddaar (1995)

  • Release Date1995
  • GenreAction, Thriller
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time152 mins
  • Length4480.66 metres
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Censor Certificate Number1545
  • Certificate Date01/06/1995
  • Shooting LocationMayur Mahal, Nair Bungalow, Khalsa College, Ramanaidu Studio (Hyd), Annapurna Studio (Hyd), Udaipur Locales, Filmistan Studio, Chandivali Studio, Film City, Kamalistan Studio

Sunny (Sunil Shetty) is born & brought up in riches, as his father Mr. Gujral (Mohan Joshi) is a very wealthy & powerful man in the city, infact he is the Mafia Don, who with the help of Arjun (Mahesh Anand) and his gang. They are actually college students owns a big drug racket and is adamant to make more & more money of. In the process of money & power making, Sunny's mother dies when he was a small kid. Sunny misses his mother's love as  ell as father's attention. All this draws Sunny away from his father and he grows up into a young man and his anger develops into hatred.

Sunny gets all the family love from his childhood friend Vijay's (Harish) house. Vijay's mother (Reema Lagoo) father (Anand Mahadevan) and sister (Reshma Shaikh) treat him as Vijay's elder brother. Being a poor family Sunny feel more comfortable in their company, which is highly disliked by Gujral.

One day Sunny sees Priya (Sonali Bendre) and it develops into love at first sight. He joins Priya's college with the help of Vijay & even saves Priya's life from Gujral's men. But he does not dare to put a word of his love in front of Priya, who hardly notices him. But during his presence in college, Prof. Naag (Kiran Kumar) notices Sunny's arrogance from day one he had joined college. And it becomes worse when Sunny plays mischief and enters into Priya's classroom on Vijay's word to talk to her. Prof. Naag slaps Sunny & asks him to get out of the classroom in front of Priya and other students. Sunny is suspended from the college.

Sunny wants to kill Prof. Naag for this insult, but Vijay stops him and tells him that he will take revenge on his behalf. Vijay joins the college posing as a very simple, straightforward but a smart student. He also wins Prof. Naag heart, and after exposing Arjun and his gang gets them arrested in drug case. He becomes a college and also Priyas life hero, who starts loving him who is not aware. Vijay becomes the G.S. of the college. The first thing Vijay does is calls on a college strike, demands Sunnys admission back on the condition of Naag to ask forgiveness of Sunny in front of all students thus opposing Prof. Naag. Priya does not like the idea as a student tries to commit suicide against the strike. She blasts Vijay & opens his eyes, who calls back the strike and ask for forgiveness from Prof. Naag in front of Sunny & other students making him "Gaddaar" in Sunil's eyes & hero in Priyas life. Priya starts loving Vijay more. Friends turn into enemies (I.E. Vijay & Sunny). Sunny gets more hurt & insulted.

Gujral takes the opportunity of the situation & more closer to Sunny & tries to poison Sunny's mind & without the knowledge of Sunny goes to the college and slaps Prof. Naag in front of all the students. He even gets Vijay's father jogless. Gujral sends some people to Vijay's house to remove their family out of the house, to their rescue. All these incidents leads to Vijays misunderstanding that Sunny is the reason behind all the drama. Gujral even gets Vijay arrested in a drug case, and prisons Sunnys mind, who comes to know of Vijay & Priyas love. Sunny takes the opportunity of Vijays arrest and gets Vijays sister married in Vijays absence. Vijay fed up of all this tries put himself down in front of Priya's eyes by attempting fake rape on her. Priya starts hating Vijay. Here Gujral & Amarnath (Aloknath) Priya's father fix engagement of Sunny & Priya. Vijay also comes on the occasion, where Priya reveals Vijays sacrifices & Sunnys torture & she openly tells Sunny that she loves Vijay & not him. Sunny recollects all the torture he had put on Vijay. He tries to finish his life but is saved. Gujral gets furious & he gets Arjun released from jail, but Arjun double crosses Gujral, stabs Vajay & Prof. Naag and puts the blame on Gujral in front of Sunny. He also reveals Gujrals real identity in front of Sunny.

Sunny now realises Vijays love & friendship & his fathers evil deeds. He blasts his father & leaves his house to save Priya from Arjuns clutches & return her back to Vijay, and to make-up for all his past deeds. Priya is saved. Friends misunderstanding is cleared and both the friends meet together, forever, for the lost & the last time.

[from the official press booklet]



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