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Gogola (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

Often truth is stranger than fiction and it was a truth when Asha, Kumar and their friends see a huge fierce looking creature, GOGOLA, emerging out of the sea while picnicking on a beach near Bombay. They rush for their lives and with great difficulty-Kumar brings Asha home to her scientist  father who had staked all his  fortune to discover medicine for heart disease and in that process  has become indebted to a rich man, Lachchhoo (लच्छु). At first the Police does not believe about this abominable creature but they seeing into action when convinced by other sources. While the Police do their best to stop the scourge of Gogola, Asha too tries to help her father financially by becoming a cabaret dancer in a Hotel, frequented by Lachchhoo. Lachchhoo tries to make Asha the victim of his lascivious designs but Asha hates him as she was loving Kumar. Thus a clash starts between Kumar and Lachchoo. All Police attempt to kill Gogola proves  abortive  and thus enraged Gogola charges into the city wreaking its vengeance by destroying many public lives, buildings and properties and flooding the entire city with water . The government announces a reward for its destruction. The scientist father of Asha invents a medicine to kill Gogola. Kumar at the risk of his life volunteers to inject the medicine into Gogola's body who was lying under the sea. Lachchhoo comes to know about it and conspires to foil Kumar's attempt with the dual objective of killing Kumar to get Asha and taking the credit of killing Gogola.

Who won the battle and how. See it on the silver screen yourself.

(From the official press booklet)