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Gori (1992)

  • Release Date1992
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, Chandivali Studios

Gori is a story of a middle class family happy in the state they live. Gori is a daughter of a poor widow Jamunabai. Raj, son of Smt. Bhanumati, marries Gori. The day Gori enters the house the family flourishes day by day and they were happy in the small earnings of Raj. Raj's younger brother Naresh becomes so friendly to Gori who used to teach him in studies.

One day Bhanumati attended a marriage function in the neighbourhood where she heard about the dowry brought by the bride. As a woman nature Bhanumati started to compare her daughter-in-law who came in the house with only three cloths. This comparison is over ruled by the vertues of Gori.

One day Madhuri who had a break down of her car, is teased and tortured by some goondas. In their struggle Raj come to her rescue and saves her from the goondas. Madhuri falls in love at first sight by his bravery thinking that he is unmarried. This one sided attachment goes on from the side of Madhuri but poor Raj is ignorant of all this.

Days past on the Ranbir Singh comes to know about Madhuri's love affair. He promotes Raj who is working under him to general manager of his farm. To please Bhanumati he started giving valuable presents and luxury items which disturbs Gori who complaints about this to Bhanumati. But she consoles her by saying what is there to accept the present.

Naresh in the company of bad society comes late in the night and sconders money. Gori tries to advise him but to no fruit. One day the started gambling with his friend in his house. Gori scolds him and feeling insulted, Naresh spoke the harsh words as to who is she to stop him. In the meantime Bhanumati interferes and blames Gori taking side of her son Naresh. Gori leaves the house. The next day the dead body of Gori is found.

Who killed Gori?
Who is Ranbir Singh?
Ranbir Singh is really the real father of Madhuri?
Who is Mama Kalidas?

Is Raj succeed to find out the killer of Gori? And how he quench his thirst of revenge?

To know all this you must see the film "GORI" on the silver screen.

[From the official press booklet]