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Grih-Lakshmi (1959)

  • Release Date1959
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationMinerva Movietone, Shreekant Studios, Ranjit Movietone

'GRIHA' (HOME) has been the cradle of civilisations through ages and even in an age when atoms break and sputniks soar the first craving of human beings remains for a sweet little HOME. What is it that has made homes survive when the mightiest civilisations collapsed and withered away? Who makes home such an irresistible place where he worst of renegades dream to dwell at least for a few moments in their lives?

IT is the presiding Diety of the house for which we have a very beautiful and significant word in our languages- 'GRIHA-LAKSHMI'.

EVERY baby born in the family is heralded as the incarnation-avataar-of LAKSHMI. GRIHA-LAKSHMI is the story of a girl who is brought up as a darling daughter by her poor but cultured parents. Their joy knows no bounds when they succeed in finding a rich Sasural for her- of course on heavy terms for Dahej-dowry.

ONE auspicious day the parents with sublime sadness in their hearts and tears of hopes in their eyes; with words of blessings on their lips and with hands trembling-as only the hands of parents can tremble while transplanting their daughter as daughter-in-law-entrust her to the care of her mother-in-law KASHIBAI.

IT is said that even the worst of mother-in-law- fondles afresh daughter-in-law for atleast first nine days. But hardly nine hours have passed and KASHIBAI declares a cold war on her. In this she is abetted and aided by dynamite sister-in-law DULARI. The father-in-law KASHINATH is a helpless spectator to this bad and hopeless beginning. But husband SAKHARAM tries to sooth and cares his innocent and dutiful wife. This gives rise to more insults, more threats, more torture for the poor girl.

THERE is a limit to human endurance and one night driven out of the house she desperately takes the way which hundreds of unfortunate daughters-in-law are forced to choose-the horrible and shocking way to suicide.

HOWEVER her inner spirit triumphs over the temptation of suicide and this changes the course of her life. She determines to assert herself and fight for her rightful place as GRIHA-LAKSHMI of her home.

HOW she succeeds in creating harmony out of the chaos in her home and how she establishes herself as its GRIHA-LAKSHMI is an inspiring and entertaining tale for all who crave for happy homes.

GRIHA-LAKSHMI is a poignant and dramatic story of a daughter-in-law who fights against insults, threats, torture and injustice and succeeds in bringing joy, laughter and happiness for all her family members to share and spare. 

[From the official press booklet]