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Hanv Tum Tum Hanv (I am you, you are me) (2015)

  • Release Date13/12/2015
  • GenreDrama, Science Fiction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageKonkani
  • Run Time109.6 min
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberDIL/2/ 224/2015 - Mumbai
  • Certificate Date20/10/2015

Hanv Tum Tum Hanv ( I am you you are me) is a comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi film. Life is a precious gift and when Lazarus gets his life back, he is more than happy. But there is a serious error. He breathes inside the body of his arch-enemy Jude, and Jude wants his body back.
Dr. James and Janardhan have succeeded in their experiment to bring a dead back to life. But there is a serious problem and they would tell this to no one. So, when a desperate family brings a dead body of a miserly old man, the doctors know something is going to be seriously wrong.  Coming back to life, the old man, (Jude) begins to do weird things. He calls his wife ‘aunty’ and unlike his old miserly self, begins to spend money and even gets a young girlfriend. It’s not long before the elder son of Jude realizes that his father is actually... not his father.  It’s when things almost seem to get clear and the family settles down with the all-new Jude that Jude becomes his old self and the confusion continues. Jude is confused, the family is confused and the doctors are in dilemma as to whether they should reveal the secret or not. In the climax, all these jumbled lines do meet together to culminate into a heart-warming but happy ending. Hanv Tum Tum Hanv is all about how precious and valuable our life is, the gift of living and the company of loved ones, which we often ignore and instead for being grateful for, run after wealth, looking for a quick leap to success. Hanv Tum Tum Hanv is about second chance too, which many of us yearn to get when things go wrong. It is a reflection of the mess we create in our lives and how we cry over it, though in reality, we can set it right.