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Insaaf Ki Jung (2006)

  • Release Date2006
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Shooting LocationOutdoor Location (Ooty), Hotel Morarch (Ooty), Chetna Studio, Film City

"INSAAF KI JUNG" is a story of a young man Bharat Kapoor (Mithun Chakrovorthy), who is employed in Shyam Sunder Bajaj's company as a General Manager. With his honest efforts and labour, the company earns the profit of around Rs. 500 crores within a year but this amount is not so much for Mr. Bajaj as he is also involved in the business of illegal arms and ammunition supply to the terrorists and from this business he earns billions in a year.

His weakness is not money but woman.

One day Shyam Sunder rapes Bharat's beautiful wife and compel her to commit suicide. On knowing this fact Bharat comes to take revenge with Shyam Sunder. But it's not so easy to touch him because he is the C.M. of the state.

Under circumstances Bharat has to flee from the C.M. House because Shyam Sunder's henchmen as well as policemen chase him.

In the midst of this situation Bharat meets four runaway mad men escaped from mental hospital.

Bharat mixes himself with them and they reach "Ekta Farm house". A CBI officer named Vijay comes to know the fact and reality of Bharat Kapoor and Shyam Sunder Bajaj's hypocrisy and crime. On intervening into the matter by Vijay - an interesting twist begins from here.

Now what happens to Bharat and Shyam Sunder has to be seen in "INSAAF KI JUNG".

[From the official press booklet]