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Jai Randal Maa (1977)

  • Release Date1977
  • GenreMythological, Drama
  • LanguageGujarati
  • Length3843.19 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-85474-MUM
  • Certificate Date06/08/1977

Satjug is worried about the famine struck earth & the Kalyug, request God Ravi to send his wife Randal on earth to save the people from the sorrows of famine and Kalyug. Maa Randal comes on earth as a dumb child. 

Bhojo shepherd and his wife Rudi are childless. They see dumb Randal and takes with them, and adopt her as their own child. Due to Randal's Kripa, a blind, a lamb, are cured. Out-laws are punished, and there is rain on famine-struck earth. As the period is over - Randal - after giving Ravi - Randal Vrat - leaves. 

The King and Queen of Shanti Nagar are also childless.... and King's brother wants they should remain childless, King should die, so he himself can be the King. These efforts are successful, and Queen goes mad. In madness, she leaves the palace, and then King's brothers push her in Talao.
Bhago Pagi saves her and brings her to Bhojo Rudi. Queen by the blessings of Randal is cured and saved. 

Brother now plans to kill the king by Serpent. But Maa Randal saves him. King and Queen meet and Queen and Rudi start Ravi Randal Vrat. By the blessings of Maa, the days of sorrows are over.
But at the Shrimant ceremony, Rani forgets Maa and Vidhata declares fate. If the father of the newborn child sees the child, he will go blind, and if he touches the child he will die.
King doesn't listen to the requests of Queen, and as soon as he sees and touches the child, he dies. 
But Maa Randal comes to rescue. Saves him and punishes his brother. 

And everyone joins the Arti " JAI MAA RANDAL "

[from the official press booklet]