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Jugni (1953)

  • Release Date28/01/1953
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length3553.66 Meters
  • Number of Reels14 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number10100
  • Certificate Date29/12/1953
  • Shooting LocationMohan Studios, Andheri and Shrikant Studios, Chembur, Bombay

Man proposes, God disposes’. Sunder (Sunder), the beloved son of Seth Haveli Ram (Satish Chhabra), always tries to please his miser of a father but his father does not appreciate his habits. Haveli Ram wants Sunder to earn well like him and deposit his earnings in his iron safe (which is already brimming with the money earned by Seth Haveli Ram). Chhanga (Majnu) is the prodigal son, who steals money from his father and brings it back to him as his “income”, much to the ignorance of his father. Chhanga schemes to get hold of Haveli Ram’s cash and property, and succeeds in proving he is better than Sunder in every way. Haveli Ram tires of Sunder and eventually turns him out of the house.

Sunder’s fate takes him from one place to another. During this period, under strange circumstances, Sunder meets Jugni (Roopmala), a beautiful village girl. She takes him along with her to her village and gets him a job through her fatherBille Shah (Romesh Thakur). In a very short time, Sunder becomes very popular in the village due to his intelligence, honesty and courage. So much so that Jugni’s father, Bille Shah wants Jugni to marry Sunder. However, Bulaqi Shah (Kharaiti), a village businessman, is jealous of Sunder.

Meanwhile Chhanga spendsHaveli Ram’s money extravagantly on a dancer named Lachhi (Shanti Madhok). Haveli Ram has accepted Chhanga as his successor and wills all his wealth and properties in his name but this is apparently not acceptable to Providence.

Soon Haveli Ram comes to know about Sunder and his whereabouts. He also learns that Sunder intends to marry a girl from the village. On the day of the wedding itself Haveli Ram intervenes and succeeds in tricking Sunder into returning with him. The entire village is shocked at Sunder leaving the marriage venue amidst the marriage ceremonies. Jugni goes mad with anger and grief.

Meanwhile, Seth Haveli Ram locks up Sunder in his house and sets off to arrange Sunder’s wedding to Malti (Manorama), the daughter of his friend Labhu Ram Saraf (Satish Batra). Even as the marriage preparations are on, Chhangaplans to poison Sunder and grab Seth Haveli Ram’s entire property. Lachhi, though a girl of ill repute, refuses to play any part in this malicious scheme. At the same time, Jugni comes to the city in search of Sunder and falls prey to the maneuverings of Chhanga, who forces her to sing and dance at Sunder’s wedding. As the song and dance sequence nears its end, Chhangaorders Jugni to serve a poisoned soft drink to Sunder. She refuses and exposes Chhanga in front of the entire gathering. Meanwhile Lachhi also arrives, accompanied by the police, and Chhanga is arrested. Lala Haveli Ram realises his mistake and accepts his son Sunder. Despite the protests of his friend Labhu Ram, he blesses the marital union of Sunder with Jugni.




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