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Jungle Love (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

Humans all over the world have always been fascinated by the wilderness, the jungle, but above all they have been fascinated by one man, tarzan, the trees man or in other words tarzan, the lord of the jungle.
Our story revolves around a kingdom Roopnagar which is filled with uncountable gold and treasures. But the strange custom of this kingdom is that only females are allowed to live and the males thrown in the river in trail of nature. One of this males born to the princess is saved by a chimpanzee, it is fed on lioness’s milk and it grows up to become Tarzan the lord of the jungle… He has the strength of an Elephant, speed of a Cheetah & heart of a Lion.
Gujja, Pinto, Karma & Billa have invaded the jungle to search out Roopnagar and its treasure, they have brought with them Rita a beautiful girl and her father as he knows about the treasures.
Rita is attacked by an alligator and is saved by Tarzan, they start liking each other, their likeness blossoms through day & night into love & they become inseperable. The villans on the other hand in pursuit of the treasure torture tarzan, but tarzan is saved by the animals of the jungle.
One day Tarzan comes to know that even he was thrown into the river he plans to change the rules of the kingdom, but istead he is made captive by his mother, the Queen. The Villans attack at the same time and capture the treasure and the queen.
The queen who is about to be killed cries out for help to her son, but he refuse as he takes her for a stone.
Does tarzan braks the chain and saves his mother or does he take revenge by not doing so. Does tarzan get united with his love. For the answers you have to see “JUNGLE LOVE”.
It is advisable to see this magnum opus on the big screen only.