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Tu Nagin Main Sapera (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

A girl named ASHA is bitten by a deadly Snake "PADAM NAG". To save her life a renowned Tantrik Nageshwar's disciple Yogiraj comes but fails. Then comes a Sapera Named SURAJ who starts playing his Been. A miracle occurs and a Snake comes and sucks the poisonous blood. Asha survives, everybody is surprised but Suraj's father tells him that this snake is an "lcchadhari Nagin". Mohini, who has a highly powerful "Naagmani" with her Suraj goes in search of her. Two greedy villains Tony and Janardhan are also after this "Naagmani" and go to Guru Nageshwar also follows Suraj. In the jungles, Suraj falls in love with a beautiful girl named Chanda, who asks him the purpose of his visit. Suraj replies that he has come in search of an "lcchadari Nagin" Mohini to get her "Naagmani". Everyone waits for the full moon day, when the magic of Suraj's Been will overpower the powerful Mohini. 

Will Suraj succeed in getting "Naagmani" & his beloved Chanda ? 

Who is Mohini? 

What happens to the greedy villains Tony, Janardhan, Yogiraj and Guru Nageshwar ? 

All these questions will have their ready answer in Devi Films'  "TU NAGIN MAIN SAPERA", the story of which is full love, revenge and romantic music and is told in the most unique and interesting way.

(From the official press booklet)