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Kaafila (2007)

  • LanguageHindi

This most multistarrer film is the touching story of the mad rush of people opting to leave their motherland in search of their utopian dreams of a better life abroad in the developed countries. These people put their careers, families & even lives at stake to reach their desired destinations even when they can be better off in their own countries without all the hardships & sufferings. The movie strives to create a mass awareness of the dark side of illegal immigration. This problem plagues India as well as other developing economies of the world so this issue will not be a portrayal of just a local problem but will be on an international level. It convinces the viewers that illegal immigration is a bane not only for the developing countries but also the developed ones as well. The film also exposes how innocent people are duped by a worldwide nexus of agents showing them dreams of a comfortable life, close to heaven, in foreign lands & making them sell their lands, homes & livelihood here in a futile pursuit of that dream. "Kaafila- the mission" tackles the issue of illegal immigration, which has affected the lives of millions of Indians and Asians and depicts the pitfalls and suffering encountered by these people who travel in this way rejecting their motherland for their utopian drams, in an authentic and realistic manner. The script is intelligent, humorous and thought provoking, passing on the message in an entertaining manner.

The star lineup includes Sunny Deol, Ammtoje Mann, Ms. Sana Nawaz-a top ranking actress of Pakistan & other actors form theatre & the modeling world in India & a few artistes from Bulgaria & Uzbekistan. The movie is shot in Mumbai, North India, Ladakh, Tajikistan & Bulgaria.

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