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Kartoos (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

KARTOOS is a story of a weapon which law... unlawfully uses to tackle terrorism. So it's a story of Law against law for Law! 
In an attempt to eradicate Jagat Jogia's (Gulshan Grover) drug mafia & smuggling of illegal weapons... police along with border security force arrest four main Lieutenants of Jagat Jogia's group. But Jagat Jogia manages to escape from country and finds a hide-out abroad. From there he starts conducting terrorist operations on India as a thrat to Indian Government to release his four men. Jagat Jogia becomes unreachable for law and police force becomes helpless.
In such paralysed and powerless situation, one hardcore cop Jai Suryavanshi (Jackie Shroff) comes out with a solution to nab Jagat Jogia. He trains a professional and ruthless criminal Jeet Balraj (Sanjay Dutt), and gives him the mission of nabbing and then killing Jagat Jogia in a foreign land.
Also he promises freedom to Jeet Balraj after mission gets over. In the temptation of freedom Jeet agrees to take-up the mission. But he remains unaware of Suryavanshi has secretly decided to kill Jeet after Jagat Jogia is eliminated.
As a death warrant, Jeet goes from India in search of Jagat Jogia and successfully starts wiping main people of Jagat Jogia group. While doing this job of an eradicator he happens to meet Mini (Manisha Koirala), and falls in love with her... unknown to the fact that he has to die as the mission gets over.
So Jeet's preparation for killing Jagat Jogia actually becomes his own death sentence. Finally Jeet kills Jagat Jogia. But then what happens to Jeet Balraj? Does Suryavanshi kill him? What fate has in store for Jeet's and Mini's love?
Answers to all these the story of Kartoos !!

(From the official press booklets)