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Kasam (2001)

  • LanguageHindi

When Kaala Daku (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) killed his worst enemy- honest, dutibound Inspector (Parikshit Sahani) and bowed to eliminate his two children, the Inspector's wife (Anjana Mumtaz) fearing the threat, gave away her younger son to ex-consist turned brother- Hari Singh (Ranjeet) with the promise to groom the boy to be good, strong, young man. This youngman Shankar (Sunny Deol) grew up to be a tough man who held truth and justice over everything else. However being shy in nature, he could never express his love for Bindiya (Neelam) who, on the other hand, fell in love with a run-away convict Vijay (Chunkey Pandey) who pretended to be an engineer on a mission to construct a bridge in the village. Another con-man, Mangal (Naseeruddin Shah) arrived in the village and self-appointed himself to solve the problem of the villagers. He later turned out to be a CBI officer, on the trail of Kaala Daku. In the meantime, Kaala Daku came back and killed the elder son of the Inspector. When the younger son, Shanker, came to know of it, he vowed to have the Kaala Daku killed in the same manner. The story then warmed up to a high voltage drama when Shanker came to know about the love affair between Bindiya and Vijay Shanker withdraw to a shell. He had no other mission except to bring Kaala Daku to his knees. Kaala Daku managed to kidnap and confine Vijay. Shanker gave his word to Bindiya that he would get Vijay back to her even at the cost of his own life. Shanker now had two mission one to fulfill his vow to Bindiya and the other to fulfill his vow to his mother to get Kaala Daku down at her feet......

(From the official press booklets)