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Katilon Ke Kaatil (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

Wealth begets greed and greed begets evil-the evil eyes of avaricious, whily gangster who called himself the Black Cobra were set on Thakur Pratap Singh's diamond studded Chariot worth crores on exhibition every year at an auspicious festival. While on one hand Pratap Singh managed to foil a stealthy plan hatched by the Black Cobra to steal the Chariot on the other he incurred the wrath of the criminal who was now more than determined to lay his hands on this priceless piece of art. And one day Thakur Pratap Singh found his happy home torn to smithereens as the Black Cobra wreaked terrible vengeance.
Pratap Singh's eldest son Ajit torn apart in the childhood fracas, losing his memory during the disastrous encounter with the Cobra now who rules the roost in a humble locality, known as Badshah the human tough, who does not hesitate to stake his life to protect the meek and just. It was one such encounter with a deadly Kung-fu expert that won him the love of beautiful Jameela Banu the Qawwali queen who had earlier smitten his advances on the grounds that he was about an aimless, wandering vagabond. But this colourful life of love and thrills was but a camouflage of a mission that Badshah was trying to accomplish the significance behind a chilling hallucination where he sees a little child clutching to a bush in a swamp frighteningly watching his father mercilessly whipped. But as soon as these hallucinations came they disappeared quickly leaving Badshah, baffled and bewildered as ever.
Meanwhile Pratap Singh's son Ashok now a petty thief and conman comes face to face with Badshah and the two devise plans to outwit each other. The y are joined by Rashmi a quick and cunning thief who shares the spoils with Ashok. Their lively romp grind to a halt when the two crooks land up in the house of Mrs. Pratap Singh in the guise of old ladies sons and unknowingly plan to rob their own house and mother! The Golden Chariot hidden in a secret compartment by Mrs. Pratap Singh is unknown to all including the Black Cobra who has still not given up his relentless search. Badshah tricks the old lady into revealing the secret hiding place and one night plan to escape with the booty. But when he at last succeeded in getting the safe open, Badshah got the shock of his life-the Chariot was gone!
An then it occurred to him all over again-the visions were suddenly coming true and the entire drama was being replayed before his own eyes the whip was mercilessly falling on the victim and Badshah in a moment of cold sweat realises the truth.
What was the secret of his hallucination?
Who stole the priceless Golden Chariot? Where did the Black Cobra's designs lead Badshah? The stunning answers lie in the film which suspense fully tells a thrilling story of a spectacular showdown where suddenly the hunters become the hunted as Badshah and Ashok turns into KATILON KE KATIL.

(From the official press booklets)