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Kurbaan (1991)

  • LanguageHindi

"KURBAAN" is a high-voltage emotion and action drama. Cruel is the destiny, it plays a foul game in the life of Zamindar Prithvi Singh. His family is wiped out by the brother of Suraj Singh. To avenge the death of his family he kills Suraj Singh's brother. Unremitting circumstances force him to take the gun in his hand and become the dreaded dacoit. He has a daughter Chanda nestled in his tender care. The winsome girl has stepped into the threshold of her youth. One day she meets a young handsome boy AKASH in a village Mela and both in their exuberance of youth fall in love at first sight. So sublime and innocent was their love that no power on earth could separate them. Prithvi Singh comes to know that the boy whom Chanda madly loves is none other than the son of his enemy Suraj Singh. Suraj Singh the Police Commissioner has vowed to arrest Prithvi Singh at any cost, but fails on many occasions. Finally Chanda is held by Suraj Singh as a ransom. Now starts the tug - of - war of hate and love - the big confrontation.

a)    Did Prithvi Singh free his daughter or surrender himself to the law for the young lovers?

b)    Did the young lovers meet and reunite?

c)    Did Suraj Singh succeed in his mission?

How all these tangles get resolved is worth viewing in KARISHMA INTERNATIONAL'S KURBAAN, personally on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)