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Leila Majnu (1945)

  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3352.49 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-31515
  • Certificate Date25/04/1945

The greatest romances of the world were written, told and sung in words of ever flowing tears, in terms of subdued sighs, in the language of heart rending and unbroken cries. The greatest and noblest of them all was that of Laila and Qais (Majnu), the most ideal lovers of all times. They died to keep the perennial flame of burning love for eternity and thus gave to the world and humanity the most beautiful and cherished legacy, the most priceless and precious inheritance of human love written and sealed in words of their life blood.

Their love had the depth of the unfathomable seas and the height and nobility of an Angel's Flight. They went to the school but, before they could learn anything in the way of worldly education, the little Angel Cupid found its way into their tiny little and innocent hearts. They grew and with them grew their love more strongly boldly and wildly. So much so that it became the house-hold talk of every house from one corner of the desert to the other.

Amir Server the father of Laila warned Amir Amri, the father of Qais (Majnu) to stop the lunacy of his son and put an end to this scandle because it was a slur, a stigma of the blackest dye on his name, reputation and prestige. Every single stone was laid in the way of these lovers but to no avail. Their love was growing by leaps and bounds which made Amir Server more furious-furious enough to give his daughter's hand of BAKHT-the prince of Iraq. Qais became stark mad and wandered in the streets and the scorching sand of the deserts while Laila, inspite of Bakht's name, wealth and glamour and amorous professions remained immovable like a rock. She would not give in, would not allow him even to touch her. Bakht being ultimately impressed by the sincerity, purity and depth of her love for Qais sent Laila back to her lover. Anwar was entrusted with the leadership of the caravan in which Laila was to be sent back. Some bad characters conspired to kill Anwar and Laila to get all money and jewellery they could possibly lay their hands upon. Anwar was killed but Laila escaped. A raging storm overlooks the entire desert. But the lovers inspite of their being exhausted and mortally wounded managed to crawl and creep and finally reached their old meeting place, the shrine of their mutual love. They died collapsed into one another's arms, never to part again.

(From the official press booklet)



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