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Maa Tujhhe Salaam (2002)

  • LanguageHindi

Live and let live is our philosophy of living and the whole of the world is our family and it is our concept of brotherhood.

But, sadly and unfortunately, some of our neighbouring countries always take it as our weakness forgetting the history that whenever any country dared to put its unholy foot on our holy soil with bad intentions, we broke that foot.

Film ... "MAA TUJHE SALAM" is also the depiction of a such pre-Kargil war-misadventure of one of our neighbouring countries.

This is the story of an Indian military officer, Major Pratap Singh (Sunny Deol) who aborted a vast terrorist infiltration attempts of an enemy country single handedly with help of a local civilian (Arbaz Khan) at the mountain ravines area near the border of Kashmir.

Zonabad is the name an area which is situated at the high altitude mountain ravines near the border of the country. In this area a man called Laka lives. Since his ancestors were the landlords of this area before independence, Lala is very influential and respected person over there. But behind the curtain he is an agent of an enemy country. He helps that country in infiltration of terrorists and ammunition through the passes in mountains known to him and his men only. Because in the winter season the weather condition of this are becomes unfit for the human beings, all inhabitants of the area shift to another laces from there. Lala takes advantage of this situation. Albaksh is an illiterate person. He works like a slave for Lala without knowing that Lala is anti-national. He is Lala's main henchman. One military intelligence Captain Sonia gives a piece of information to military about the anti-national activities of Lala and Albaksh.

But, meanwhile Albaksh comes to know that real motive of the Lala's activities, he opposes and becomes enemy of the Lala. Lala frames and portrays Albaksh as a traitor and the terrorist in the eyes of law. The police arrest him and put him behind the bar. Major Pratap meets Albaksh. Albaksh tells him the planning of a vast terrorists infiltration into the country through Zonabad. Since the time is not enough for Indian military force to reach Zonabad and stop the infiltration, Major Pratap decides to fight the battle alone with the help of Albaksh and the local people. Once again the history of bravery and patriotism is written with the blood of Major Pratap and Albaksh and the enemy is defeated by the Indian Army.


(From the official press booklets)


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