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Mafia (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

MAFIA indulges in organized crime. With the patronage and protection of some corrupt politicians and the active support of a few policemen on its pay-roll, mafia carries out its sinister operations that threaten internal security of the state.

The only hurdle in the despotic ways of Mafia is patriotic and dedicated Police Inspector Bhagat Singh (Aditya Pancholi) who refuses to become a puppet on the underworld and dares Mafia supremo Gawda (Charan Raj).

While Bhagat Singh is taking care of internal security of the country as a Policeman, his elder brother Fauji Ajeet Singh (Dharmendra) as a soldier is busy in safeguarding his motherland from external enemies. When he learns that Bhagat Singh, due to odd reasons is unable to achieve his goal of terminating Mafia, he advises him to combat like a soldier.

The two patriotic brothers have a problem child, their younger an dbeloved brother Jai Singh (Jay Mehta) who instead of following their footsteps and rendering some positive service to the country wants to go to Dubai just in pursuit of pelf. He is in love with Kiran (Somi Ali) but does not find enough courage to express his feelings before her as she is daughter of Police Commissioner Pawar (Raza Murad), however his mischievous ways with her ultimately wins her love.

In Bhagat Singh's fight against Mafia, an ex-member Parab Anna (Gulshan Grover) provides information and strategy. Fighting like a soldier Bhagat becomes a threat to the very survival of Mafia where after he is murdered by Mafia henchman.

When the deliberate and covert inaction of some corrupt police in the Bhagat Singh murder case was exposed to Fauji Ajeet Singh the only course open to him was to lift the battle flag from Bhagat Singh's dead hands and carry forward his mission to wipe the internal enemy from face of the earth. Jai Singh too joins hands and the macabre series of encounters follows till the beast Mafia is extinct.

(From the official press booklets)