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Malika-E-Alam Noorjehan (1954)

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When the king and Princes fall in love with commoners they stake thron and Royal prestige; and in their struggle millions of people become cannon fodder.

Malika-e-alam Noorjehan is such a romantic page from the Moghul History. But in this particular episode the hearts were stronger than the swords. Coinsiding with the wars and rebilions unselfish human sacrifices were more prominent. Such great historical sacrifices are rare in the Royal History. The ruling factor of this is that pain has a remedy and lyrny has a repentance.

Prince Salim carried a romantic heart of a great lover. His tragic romance with Anarkali was not quite forgotten when the Cupid flung another arrow and another commoner Meher-u-nisa won his heart whom he had met for the first time in the Royal Garden. After the first meeting a storm in between sight and beauty took place, which shook the king and the Royal court. Emperor Akbar the great created the hurdles and the young Salim became a rebel against his own father.

The armies were divided in both the campus and war engulfed the kingdom. The cabinet of nine genius behind the Empire after all found a solution and by the Royal order Meher-u-nisa the heart throb of Salim was married to a warrior Sher Afghan. This news broke the heart of Salim and the sword fell from his hand, and this resulted in end of war. Salim practically lost all interest from life and father's heart in Akbar repented for his own cruelty. The repentance resulted in death of Akbar the great.

Prince Salim was proclaimed as new king but he could not forget his lost love and the agony increased day by day. The remedy and hope for the broken Salim was one and only Meher-u-nisa Banu who was now a beautiful wife of Sher Afghan. A struggle started between love and duty. But this struggle, as was between two lovers the victory had to bow before true love.

(From the official press booklets)


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