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Apni Nagariya (1940)

  • Release Date27/01/1940
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time144 mins

Movie is based on Manto's reformist story. 

Sushila (Shobhna Samarth) is the daughter of the authoritarian factory owner Seth Ramdas who is in conflict with militant workers led by Keshav. Sushila is caught up in an angry confrontation and rescued by the worker Prithvi, who is victimised by the management for his action. In love with her, he nurses her during a plague epidemic when her own family deserts her, but she spurns his attentions and later becomes a tool in the exploitative hands of her fiance Shambhu, who declares a factory lock-out. The disillusioned Prithvi becomes a dangerous hoodlum. 

To solve her own problems, Sushila must first acknowledge the injustice of the class divide, by which she has hurt Prithvi.