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Manchala (1953)

  • LanguageHindi

In this vast universe human beings slave and slog to work their way up but when the fortune favours them many of them conveniently forget on whose shoulders they had climbed and turned millionaires overnight. "Manchala" is a touching tale of such a climber, a poor village school master Shivcharan who in his poverty eternal dreams of leading a millionaire's life. His wife and younger sister Radha fulfill his ambition to go to England and become a Barrister by selling their valuable.

The time marches on and Sivcharan returns from England after becoming a Barrister. With his brilliance he enjoys the position of a leading Barrister of Bombay. Here he comes in a close contact with a millionaire named Jivan. Money starts rolling in and the gold, the guilt and the lure of the city brings a sudden change in once a quiet and native school master. He falls for his friend Jivan's wife.

On the other side on hearing that the husband has returned to India, Shivcharan's wife rushes down to Bombay, only to find that her husband is living a colourful life with the other woman. Degraded Shivcharan introduced her as the mad daughter of his old servant and like a true Hindu wife, she swallowed the insult. While for Radha, Shivcharan insists that she should become a modern miss, as a result she becomes a first class flirt. This is how the evils and the superfluous glamour of the city set fire to the house that was once an ideal place to live in.

But was this only reward that a true Hindu wife gets, after all these sufferings? No...How her loyalty and love, adherence & tolerance bring her husband and Radha back to their is an emotional experience which the silver screen can tell you in a thrilling manner.

(From the official press booklets)