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Mardon Wali Baat (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

The villagers around Kashipur have to pay a regular ransom to the gang of dacoit chief Sunder Singh. Any village who defies is ruthlessly plunders.

Two petty thieves Yadivender Singh and Tinku are blackmailed by an anonymous letter writer to visit Kashipur and do a stint of social work. On arrival when they learn that social service means fighting with dacoits, they decide to run away. Their escape attempts is nullified by their act of taking refuse in the truck which is carrying ammunition for the dacoits and unwillingly they find themselves pitted against the dacoits and in the centre of action.

Their attempts to discover the identity of blackmailer bring them close to the local school teacher and Asha- daughter of Surajmal- the local Zamindar who is actually in league with the dacoits. 

How they train the villagers for a final show down with the dacoits is the balance story of Mardon Wali Baat

(From the official press booklets)