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Marshal (2002)

  • LanguageHindi

Wanted by the law from Pune for the murder of a small time criminal, Marshal (Mithun Chakraworthy) a deadly contract killer, sets foot in Mumbai so as to escape the arrest. And it is a strange twist of fate that an eight year old girl Isha identifies him to be her father. In fact Marshal is a look alike of Isha's father who get killed in a road accident around a year ago. Isha had lost her voice watching her father's death. And now her voice comes back as she spots Marshal and shouts, calling him Papa.

Trapped by the emotion of this innocent girl Marshal is forced to take his abode to her house where he meets her widow mother, grandmother and uncle Deepesh (Ravi Kissen) who is a police officer.  By living along with this family Marshal discovers a new world around him a world full of love and happiness. He realizes the love of a mother, the love of a younger brother, the love of a daughter and gradually gets transformed.

However, destiny had something else for him in its store. Suddenly story takes a very dramatic turn when Inspector Deepesh gets to know that Marshal is a fugitive and that he is a professional killer. Revelation of the real identity of Marshal gives Deepesh many sleepless nights. He lives under dilemma because he knows if he arrests Marshal he would destroy the happiness of his house.

The other side, Damodar Pradhan (Shakti Kapoor) and Yashwant Chauhan (Rajoo Mavani) the two mafia dons have decided to get Inspector Deepesh killed following the death of Pradhan's younger brother Shivraj (Liyaqat Bari) in a Police encounter by the latter.

It is here that Marshal finds a motive in his life. He fights a battle against Damodar and Yashwant in order to save Deepesh's life. Monica (Charu Lata) Marshal's girlfriend is also a part of this blood chilling battle. Finally Marshal kills the villain party and surrender himself to the law.

(From the official press booklet)