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Masoom (1941)

  • GenreMuslim Social
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Masoom, a young heir of an affluent Muslim family is hit with tragedy when he loses his mother. His father Khanbahadur Noorali marries a second time. Respecting his father’s wishes, Masoom accepts his father’s new wife as his new mother. Soon, there’s a new addition to the family, Jamil- Masoom’s half brother. This change in the family dynamic robs him of not just the motherly love as his stepmother dotes on her child but also his father’s love who neglects his firstborn. Due to this fall out with his father, Masoom is denied permission to marry his lover Rehana by her father Miya Iftekhar Ahmed. Ahmed doesn’t want to marry his daughter to a broke person without any family support. 

Heartbroken by the circumstances in his life, Masoom decides to end his life. The spirits of the dead from the cemetery guide him to strive for his life. Masoom drops the idea of suicide. His younger brother Jamil, suspicious of his lover Shaida, plans to kill her. Masoom gets to know of this wicked plan and traps him and his stepmother along with the corrupted doctor.  The film ends with his father, Khanbahadur Noorali accepting his fault and accepting Masoom back. The two lovers, Masoom and Rehana get married while Jamil and Shaida reunite as well. 

The performances by the artists were widely appreciated by the audience and critics of that time.  All the characters and the setting of the film were marked with Islamicate symbols, creating a Muslim setting. The film was advertised as the first Muslim Social in pages. 



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