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Meherbaan (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

Meherbaan is a story of relationships - A utopian relationship of a father-in-law and son-in-law setting an example to this world. It also depicts how a family can suffer if a father-in-law gets greedy for the son-in-law's riches.

Ravi (Mithun Chakraborty) promises his father when he was on his death bed that he will help Chaurangilal (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) and his family whenever they are in trouble or in need. Ravi strives to keep up his promise, but Chaurangilal is a spindrift, having a lazy and drunkard Vikram (Ajinkya Deo) as is son. Chaurangi' wife Janki (Anjana Mumtaz) is a noble lady who desists her husband and son's behaviour. Neha (Shanti Priya) who is studying in the city, is madly in love with Ravi. Chaurangi's dream is to marry his daughter Neha to Ravi by which he can enjoy Ravi's wealth throughout his life. Ravi's mother Shanti Devi (Sulbha Deshpande) also wishes that Ravi should marry Neha. Lecherous Chaurangilal stretches Ravi's patience and tolerance beyond limits. A troubled Ravi comes across this simpleton called Shankar (Anupam Kher) and 'epitome of truth" and is very much impressed by Shankar's honesty and simplicity, he also meets Chanda (Ayesha Julka) Shankar's daughter in whom Ravi discovers the Dream Girl of his life and makes an important decision. Ravi is very happily married to Chanda and shares a special relationship with his father-in-law. Ravi's happiness is shortlived when Chanda dies in an accident leaving him heart broken. Shankar forces Ravi to marry Neha and he yields to his request. Ravi hands over all the responsibilities of his house and business to Shankar.

Chaurangi is very angry. Bhiku (Kader Khan) teases him about this. Chaurangi makes a plan to get rid of innocent Shankar. He puts all sorts of blames on Shankar with such proof that everybody is shocked.

Does Chaurangi succeed in his dirty plan? See 'MEHERBAAN'.

(From the official press booklet)