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Meri Bahen (1962)

  • LanguageHindi

Yashpal had two great ambitions of life. The first was to make his only sister Champakali very happy and secondly to get back the sword of his father who died fighting with Mansingh.

Yashpal came to know that Champa loved one soldier named Balbir, so he married them and set out to take his father's sword. Balbir also left for Motinagar.

Champa becomes pregnant, so she went to Motinagar in search of her husband. There she was overjoyed to see her husband as the Chief Commander of Motinagar but her husband refused even to recognise her and told her that his name was Vikramsingh and not Balbir.

Vikram wanted to marry the princess of Kanakrani and become the King, but Kanak was already romancing with Yashpal. One night Vikram stole the last will of the King from Royal State and involved Champa who was punished for him. Disappointed Champa jumped in the river to commit suicide but she was saved by Kamli and later she gave birth to a son.

Again Champa saved Vikram from death by Fulsingh and as a reward she was forced by her husband not to tell anybody about their marriage.

Yashpal had a duel with Vikram for Kanak and Champa. But Champa lifted the sword against his own brother to favour the unloyal and cruel husband. Could Yashpal see his sister happy? Who married Kanakrani. What happened to the last will of the King? The silver screen will solve all the puzzles.

(From the official press booklet)