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Miss Coca Cola (1955)

  • LanguageHindi

Father of Ganga was working as a Munshi in Cafe Glaad. He was so poor that it was not possible for him even to show Rs. 1001/- to the son-in-law's father. The marriage of Ganga was arrnaged and poor father requested his master to advance him Rs. 1001/- as loan to be returned after few hours, but the master refused and poor father could not do anything for his daughter. At the time of marriage ceremony son-in-law's father demanded Rs. 1001/- and on his refusal, the marriage was held up. Poor father had to go for theft and came back with money. Marriage was resumed but at the same time, police came and arrested the Munshi. Ganga's mother could not bear the shock and died at the same time.

Now Ganga had to get her father released and for this she contacted Shri Shanker the Advocate, who brilliantly fought the case, but the game was changed by the Munshi's last statement. And Munshi was sentenced to death.

Now Ganga had to look after her sister Madhu and brother Papoo. She started working with the labourers in a building construction but could not continue due to bad behaviour of the Munshi of that place. Now Madhu started as cleaning utensils for different households. In the meanwhile the house owner had started demanding rent from them. Ganga met Ramoo and explained him her difficulties who suggested her to marry Shri Shanker who had great regard for her and Ramoo took the responsibility to convince Shanker's mother. Ganga went to Shankar's house but was insulted and turned out. On the other hand Papoo thought how will he perform the ceremony of Kanya Dan with empty hands. He broke down his Golak (Bank) and went to earn money by selling grains. While he was selling grains he was knocked down by the Cr of Kamal, the proprietor of Cafe Glaad.
Now Kamal wanted to help the poor sisters but they denied but accepted some money as loan. With this small help Ganga sent her sister to Poona to study and on return from Poona she went to return the balance money to Kamal. How Kamal treated Ganga....?

How Ganga became Miss Coca Cola....? And how Ganga sacrificed her life for her younger sister Madhu....? See it on the silver screen.

Don't miss.....Miss Coca Cola.

(From the official press booklet)



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