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Naalayak (1978)

  • Release Date14/9/1978
  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time129 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Censor Certificate NumberA-4398-MUM
  • Certificate Date12/12/1978
  • Shooting LocationRanjeet, Mohan Shree Sound, Kasif & Chandivali Studios

No son of a man is born worthless.

Atleast one in his life every human being is offered an opportunity to prove his worth.

Laxman, the younger brother of Ram Narain was considered worthless. No doubt he was moving in a notorious company of gamblers, racegoers and some shady friends, still one cannot deny that he had a great love for his elder brother Ram Narain and his bhabi Seeta. Ram Narain had left all hopes of bringing Laxman to normalcy. Laxman was treated as a total "NAALAYAK" (worthless) by his brother.

A beautiful lady named Rita, placed an order for necklace at the shop, where Ram Narain was working as a manager. Ram Narain himself delivered the six lacs worth Necklace to Miss Rita. Next day Rita complained that the necklace was fake. Ram Narain's employer got wild and abused Ram Narain for the theft.

Laxman and Rita were friends. That night Laxman was having a card's session with the beautiful lady. They were drinking liquor, when all of a sudden ram Narain bumped in.

Hurriedly Laxman sneaked into the other room. There was hot exchange of words between Ram Narain and Rita, Ram Narain pleaded innocent and charged Rita of misappropriation of the necklace, and warning her that he would report the police he left the house. Rita did not care of Ram Narain's threats and rushed to the other room to meet Laxman. She searched for Laxman but he was not there-she even opened a bath-room to find out Laxman. As she entered the bath-room a scarf was no more-a goggle got dropped on her body while she was breathing her last.

The scarf and the goggle led the police to Ram Narain. The scarf and the goggles belonged to Ram Narain. He was charged with the murder of Rita.

The police was successful in bringing up all the evidence against Ram Narain. Ram Narain was given the death sentence by the Court.

Laxman, who was considered "NAALAYAK" by everybody rushed to the rescue of this beloved brother Ram Narain. He even risked his life for his elder brother and found out the real culprit-How? What a daredevil Laxman was you will enjoy it in the theatre.

(From the official press booklet)