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Nimila Angka (1955)

  • Release Date16/09/1955
  • LanguageAssamese

Nimila Angka was the eleventh Assamese language film, written and directed by Lakshyadhar Choudhury, who later directed another Assamese film titled Lachit Barpukhan (1961), about a valiant commander in the Ahom kingdom. Produced by Nilachal Chitrapeeth and made under the banner of Nilachal Chitrapeeth Production Company, the film was released on 16th September, 1955. Based on a play written by Lakshyadhar Choudhury of the same name, the film Nimila Angka explores what poverty means to the common people of Assam. It is narrated through the story of a retired clerk, Harakanta Kakoti. His big family comprises of his two wives, and five sons - Gopal, Narayan, Keshab, Xun and Mukund. However, they are unemployed. His eldest son Gopal, a graduate, is bedridden due to paralysis. Kakoti struggles against the forces of poverty. Finally, he joins a private farm as an accountant to run his family even after his retirement. Comprehensively relying on the melodramatic mode of its narrative, the film depicts the plight of Harakanta Kakoti, how he encounters the problems that come his way one after another. Nalin Duarah was in charge of the cinematography of the film, while music was composed by Purushottam Das. Bani Datta and Hrishikesh Mukharjee were the sound recordists, and Ramesh Josh did the editing of the film. The film featured Anupama Bhattacharya, Kamala Choudhury, Girija Hazarika, Haren Das etc. Goutam Prasad Barua was a child actor in the film.