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Phoolon Ke Haar (1951)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

To enjoy the Mela of BASANT festival RADHA - young and beautiful girl of the village accompanied with her friend CHAMELI visits the Mela, where Ramesh a handsome youth of Bombay is also present. Incidently Ramesh contacts Radha, draws nearer and nearer. They repeat such happy meetings and contract love. Chameli escorts Radha to love-spot. Ultimately Chameli and her husband Ramoo ask Ramesh to marry Radha, who readily agrees and the wedding is celebrated in a nearby old and neglected temple. This secret marriage is performed to save Radha from the aggression of her step-mother who wanted to marry her to some rich old person of the village. Ramesh went back to city promising to come back on next Diwali and take Radha with him. Radha had conceived. Radha is anxiously awaiting Diwali. Ramesh did not come and this broke her heart.

She fell in deep ocean of sorrows. Her pregnancy grew prominent. The tyrant step-mother made it public and maneavoured her ousting from the house. Chemeli and her husband offered their hospitality. Radha gave birth to a son. Villagers agitated against Ramoo, raided his house and inflicted injuries on him when Radha herself came out and quited the village for good with her infant child. She reached the skirts of Bombay city at the dusk of an evening.

An old man offered her shelter and promised to search her husband. He carried her to that house and waited out to hear the happy meeting, when Radha returned disappointed stating that he did not recognise her or the child as there is another young girl who has enticed him. This enraged the old man and he rushed in to revenge the silly behaviour, where he found that rich girl seriously hurt and Ramesh managing an escape. Dada that old man could not catch Ramesh and he disappeared for good. It was after twenty years of incident when Dada narrated this story of Shyam's mother to him on the sudden disappearance of Radha from the house. Shyam promised and took a vow to wreak vengeance in as much as to murder that man Ramesh who ruined the life of his mother. He thereupon set out on his mission and on his such persuit met a rich Mill-owner being attacked by a tiger. He saved the life of the Mill-owner, who repaid him with hospitality and offered him the chance as an officer in the Mills. The Mill-owner overheard Shyam repeating his vow of vengeance. He took him home. There lived a young girl Prema. The both became intimate and grew Romantic towards each other. Rai Sahib the Mill-owner remained extra-kind towards Shyam and ultimately adopted him as his son. On this occasion the Manager of the Mill gave out a secret to Shyam which instantaneously enraged him. A sudden shot from an unknown corner killed the manager and later a blow put Shyam unconscious. When Shyam regained consciousness he found Rai Sahib in front of him. There was heated controversy. Shyam charged with knife to attempt on the life of Rai Sahib and when he was about to kill him there shouted an old lady from behind and she was his mother. He immediately embraced her. Rai Sahib moved forward and picked up Radha. Mother ordered the son to spit out the rage against father and pay respects. Radha and Rai Sahib smilingly looked on Shyam and Prema who loved each other.


(From the official press booklet)