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Premalekha (1952)

  • Release Date25 July 1952
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageMalayalam

The film is a love story and family drama all rolled into one. Janu, the duaghter of Kumbalath Panicker and Gopi, son of Mangalath Kurup are in love, in spite of the fact that their fathers are at war with each other. Kunajashan, makes use of this rivalry and intensifies it by playing the middleman. Janu becomes pregnant, but before he knows about it, Gopi leaves the place due to these fights. Janu’s marriage is fixed to someone and on the eve of her wedding she decides to commit suicide by jumping into the lake, only to be rescued by the fishermen. She wanders around the streets and gives birth to her baby. She decides to leave the baby in front of an orphanage and later takes a job there herself. The owner of the orphanage is Gowriamma who takes good care of the child. Meanwhile, Gopi meets Dr. Mukundan who manages to find a job for him. Panikcer dies grieving about his daughter’s fate and his second wife Devaki and her daughter Santha appropriate all his property. Later, a blinded Devaki is abandoned in the street as a lunatic. Janu finds her in this condition and decides to take care of her at the orphanage. For the annual day of the orphanage, Gowriamma invites her brother Dr. Mukundan who comes there with Gopi. One of the songs performed at the event brings back all the memories to Gopi and he feels dizzy. Janu rushes to take care of him and the lovers and their child are reunited at the end.