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Rajnigandha (1974)

  • LanguageHindi

NEW DELHI-Sanjay and Deepa are in love. Sanjay is employed in a bank. He loves his job and is involved in the office politics. Deepa is doing her Ph. D. They meet almost every evening. Both are looking forward to the day when they will get married-soon after Sanjay's next promotion. 

Deepa's college friend Ira lives in Bombay. She informs her of a teaching job available in Bombay. Deepa gets the interview call. 

BOMBAY—Deepa comes to Bombay. At Bombay Railway Station Deepa is surprised to see Navin receiving her. Navin and Deepa were once class fellows, studying together in Intermediate class and were much in love. Their love however broke off over a petty quarrel. Soon both drifted away to different places. After five long years, Deepa meets Navin again. Navin goes out of his way to help and guide Deepa in Bombay. Since Ira is working in an office, Deepa finds herself in Navin's company most of the time. Old memories revive. Deepa gets drawn towards Navin... The interview is over. Deepa knows that if she at all gets the job, it will be because of Navin. The day comes when her brief stay in Bombay is over and she leaves. 

NEW DELHI—Deepa is back. She is relieved to find Sanjay gone out of New Delhi on official work. She pines for Navin. When will the go back to Bombay?

(From the official press booklet)