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Raksha (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

RAKSHA is a story of the progress of our country. Raksha is the story of the protection of our country. When our Indian scientist Dr. Srivastav makes a major breakthrough in nuclear energy for peaceful progress of our country, the wave of happiness spreads all over the country, but some where somebody does not like. Somebody wants to stop the nuclear progress of our nation. Who is he?

Our special CBI Agent 116 Gopal who decides to marry and settle with his beloved Priya is attacked in snow covered holiday resort and opens a new chapter of surprise.

Somehow Gopal is saved but his beloved Priya dies. The fire of revenge sets Gopal again in action. Who was he attached ?

Daultram a big business tycoon who owns a giant of a man Gorilla with steel jaws is assigned to kill Gopal. Gopal is not easy. The game of death continues till Gopal finds out the link. Some-body is aiding Damodar to sabotage the country.

Bijli another victim of situation is working as an informer. Gopal trials the fact that under duress she is made a doll against the country. Gopal develops a soft corner for Bijli and uses her to know the ultimate. But Bijli is kidnapped. By whom and where ?

Gopal crosses many dangerous barriers to reach a god-forbidden place in snow covered mountains.

How Gopal fights the main-villain-the big daddy. The exciting pace of chilling action brings "RAKSHA" to a high voltage of thrilling drama. Gopal at the cost of his own life avert the disaster and saves the National honour.

How Gopal reaches there ?

How Gopal fights the monster ?

To watch all excitements, see "RAKSHA" on silver screen.

(From the official press booklet)