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Ram Hanuman Yuddha (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of the period when Bhagwan Ramchandra ruled supreme over Aryavarta.

Under his hegemony there was a Kingdom of King Shakunta, who was devoted to religion and his people. He was madly in love with his Queen Charumati, who also worshiped her husband as God. Once Shanideo, God of war, invaded his Kingdom. King lost his senses. He insisted on going to Heaven in human form. Rajguru advised him perform a Yagna in the presence of Shri Ram. King approached Shri Ram who gave his consent. King was overjoyed and in this delirium of happiness he dared to insult Sage Vishwamitra.

Vishwamitra complained to Shri Rama and demanded the head of the insolent King Shakunt within one month. Shri Rama conceded his demand.

Shakunta's Queen was shocked to know this. She went to Vishwamitra and offered her head instead of her husband's but he refused.

While returning she went to the hut of Sati Anjani - the mother of Hanuman. She bowed to Anjani and Anjani in return blessed her with full material bliss. After getting her blessings, Queen revealed her predicament. Queen brought King Shakunta to the hut of Anjani. Once Hanuman came to the hut of his mother whilst in search of the King.

Anjani revealed the truth to her son and bade him to guard over the entrance of her son.

Here Narada gave out the whereabouts of the King to Shri Ram. On approaching the place Shri Ram was surprised to find his devotee Hanuman, guarding the place. Both of them were bound by their respective duties.

After blessing Hanuman, Shri Rama took to his bow and arrows; after bowing to his Lord, Hanuman took to his mace.

The heart-rending battle between the Lord and His devotee is to be seen on the Silver Screen to be believed.

(From the official press booklet)