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Ram Lakshman (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

Based on few salient incidents from Ramayana, the story of Ram-Lakshman is woven according to cinematic needs.

It begins from Parasuram praying to Lord Shanker at Kailas where he is informed that Bhagwan Vishnu has taken birth on earth as a Kshatriya.

Rakshasas of Ravan were harassing the sages at the Ashram of Viswamitra. He is directed by divine voice that he should seek help of two sons of Raja Dashrath, namely Ram and Lakshman for protection.

Ram and Lakshman kill Tadka and reduce Subahu to ashes with "Fire-Arrow".

Vishwamitra takes both the brothers to Janakpur. On their way they enter a Tapovan, where Ahilya was cursed to turn to stone. By touching the feet of Ram, she regains her human form.

Ram breaks the Shiva Dhanush and wins for himself the hand of Sita. Parsuram is enraged by knowing that Ram had audacity to break the Dhanush of his lord Shiva.

Lakshman enters into an argument with him. Ultimately Parasuram realises that he is face to face with the incarnation of lord Vishnu.

Maharaja Dashrath returns from Janakpur to Ayodhya after getting all his four sons married. He decides to abdicate in favour of his eldest son Ram and retire. But Kaikeyi, instigated by Manthara, asks two boons from king Dasarath, one demanding throne for Bharat and second, banishment for fourteen years to Ram.

Ram, Lakshman and Sita go to jungle to honour the word of Dasarath. Lakshmans wife Urmilla stays back at Ayodhya.

Ram, Lakshman and Sita stay at Panchvati. Shurpanakha, sister of Ravan comes there. She tries to entice Rum with her charms, failing which she attempts to attack Sita. Lak shman gets furious and cuts her nose. She goes back to her brother Ravan and urges him to take revenge.

Ravan orders Marich to take the form of golden deer and go to Panchvati. Sita begs of Ram to get her the skin of that deer. Ram follows and kills it. But while dying, deer cries out the name of Lakshman. Hearing this, Sita presumes that Ram is in distress and wants Lakshman's help. She commands him to go. In the meanwhile, Ravan posing as a Brahman comes to Sita & abducts her to Lanka.

Ram and Lakshman go to jungle after jungle in search of Sita. They make new friends in Hanuman and Sugriva.  Hanuman goes to Lanka in search of Sita.  He sets whole Lanka to fire.

With the help  of  monkeys  Ram  builds  a  bridge on  the  sea and  then  challenges Ravan to battle.

In the ensuing battle, Lakshman becomes unconscious and Urmilla by the dint of her chastity saves his soul till Hanuman brings Sanjivani

Ram inflicts defeat on Ravan who gets killed. After that Sita enters fire to prove her chastity and comes out unscathed.

Ram, Lakshman and Sita are brought back to Ayodhya with great pomp and then they lived happily ever after.

(From the official press booklet)