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Imtihan (1949)

  • Release Date1949
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

The train was steaming away in terrific speed; a tender pair of cruel hands emerged through the window of the fateful First Class compartment and mercilessly dropped an innocent child - evidently to be doomed. But, the Protector is always mightier than even the most powerful murderer - True ! mysteriously enough the child escaped an even slight bruise, was picked and brought up in the family of Zaminder BEHARI BABOO as his own son and was sent to Delhi for study. The boy was named ROOP.

Roopa was going round in a fair; close by he noticed a Sea-saw suddenly giving way - a girl was about to meet a fatal fall. Rushing forward, Roop received her in his arms and saved her from death. This lovely girl was ROOPA. She was living in the locality of Dancing girls as a ward of one shrewd old dancer REKHA. Roopa's youthful bloom had driven many a romantic youth into infatuated madness and her so-called guardian Rekha was eager to bag a big price for her elegant, enchanting and budding beauty.

Roopa, however, was adverse to all allurements; and scorned at the surroundings. The sole longing of her soul was that some kindly person may rescue her from that "Hell" of hers. Intuitionally it struck her that there must have been the Divine hand and purpose behind the chance mediation of Roop in saving her from the fatal fall ! This very thought was enough to turn her a devotee of Roop and with firm determination she directed her efforts to win over the heart of Roop. But the greater her efforts to get Roop, the greater the attempts of the latter to get away from her !

DOCTOR DILEEP flung a piece of advice at his friend Roop - "It is courageous and noble to lift up the fallen ones. How many innocent girls who are under the clutches of dancing girls sincerely desires to break away from that immoral life of theirs ! Have we got no moral responsibility towards them ? Shall we leave them there to be helplessly drowned into the Sea of Immorality?"

Half suspicious, half convinced Roop asked - "But what is proof of Roopa's chastity? What is the guarantee that she will remain pure? How to know that her love for me is real?"

Dileep turned on him with firmness in his voice - "Why not put her to test? Nothing better than that".

Roopa passed through trying tests, severe situations and came out successful at last - Roopa and Roop were engaged.

But did the wedlock become a reality? That is a secret unfolded on the screen !

[From the official press booklet]



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