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Ratnamanjari (1955)

  • LanguageHindi

Nobody knows what is destined for a man, nor one understands the mind of a woman. Finishing his studies Maharaj Kumar returned to his state and fell a prey to the malicious activities of the Mangalsingh who had become all-powerful. Mangalsingh accused Maharaj Kumar to have molested Loma, the court Dancer, the pseudo Queen and beloved Mangalsingh.

Maharaj Kumar abducted and went into exile. On his way, he met Bhallam Pandit, a great Astrologer. Destiny brought all at place of Swayamvar of Raj-Kanya of Samardesh. Raj-Kanya fell in love with Maharaj Kumar, but that accelerated the agony and anger of Mangalsingh who with evil help of Gangu, arranged a Serpant bite death of raj-Kanya and Loma as well. 

Bhallam predicted revival of life to Raj-Kanya and Rajguru confirmed, provided Ratna-Mangari's Bin could be brought.

But, nobody knew who was Ratna-Manjari and where did she live. Maharaj Kumar took up the challenge to find her out and get the golden bin but, before accomplishing this task he had to encounter many difficulties. Ratna-Manjari had given her heart away to Maharaj Kumar and wanted to marry him.

Maharaj Kumar had to take Ratna-Manjari with him and with the help of the Bin, life was restored to Raj-Kanya. Now, Maharaj Kumar was in a fix to find the way out for Ratna-Manjari. But, before that, Mangalsingh had cast his last dice. Ratna-Manjari lost her life while defending Raj-Kanya. Her sacrifice brought, two loving birds together and then they lived happily ever after.

(From the official press booklet)