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Sach (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

Hansa, a warm hearted and an endearing woman in her mid-thirties is locked in a stagnating and demeaning marriage. Her husband a highly strung man, a bigot and a hypocrite perpetuates all kinds of mental cruelties on Hansa who despite being an independently working woman weathers it all for the sake of her grown up daughter and keeps a front for the society. 

However, she develops a clandestine relationship with Raj an upright and fearless editor of a leading newspaper who is also suffering in a stifling marriage. His wife a highly possessive and eccentric woman had never done anything to make her's a happy home and yet had always made Raj feel very guilty as he had progressed remarkably well in his career fighting lone battles and becoming more and more isolated from his wife. Despite the fact that his wife had done almost, nothing to make him a happy man ever, she had turned into, a highly neurotic case with the apprehensions of losing him. It remained a very unhealthy marriage in which Raj's wife clung to him almost as if she even in her ailing state rejoiced in his predicament as he suffered the continual guilt of not being able to respond to her as a man. He too continues to suffer for the sake of his children. 

Both Hansa and Raj fill a tremendous void in each other's life making their's a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. They share each other's grief, problems, anxieties as well as each other's happiness, achievements, hopes and aspirations. They truly belong to each other. Yet they keep their's a, very discreet relationship for the sake of children. 

Once as they share a room in a hotel on one of their discreet meetings, they accidentally witness a murder. For the sake of the equilibrium in their individual families they beat a hasty retreat deciding to keep silent on the matter. 

However, their consciences begin to prick them as they gather that the wrong person has been apprehended who is one of the hotel staffs and whose only alibi is themselves.

Although Raj and Hansa hadn't quite recognised the actual murderer they were absolutely certain that the person who stood accused as the murderer was totally innocent.

They still decide to remain silent as they know that if they offer to testify it might have disastrous effects on their children as well as on their other social relationships. They continue to suffer in their private hell as their consciences would not let them be at peace. As it appear s to be certain that the wrongly "accused" person will be hanged for the murder they break loose of all the pressures of their families, their children and the society in general that were containing them into a most un-holy living and present themselves in the court in a dramatic turn of events to testify as witnesses of defence.

(From the official press booklet)