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Sadaa Suhagan (1986)

  • LanguageHindi

This is a story of' immortal love and bondage between a man and a woman. 

This is a story of a devoted wife and an equally devoted husband.

This is a story of changing values of life in youngsters. And this is a story of you and your family. 

Raj Shekhar is a self-made wealthy man. He has a sweet and devoted wife Laxmi. He has two sons and a daughter. Unlike many rich fathers, he did not pamper his children to the extent of spoiling them. His was an ideal happy family which many people envied. So long the children were young, they accepted the code of morals and discipline laid down by their father. But as they grew up, they broke those shackles stealthily. And that is how the peace and harmony was shattered in the family. Eldest son Ravi, befriended a dancers daughter. When confronted by his father for his immorality, he defied his father Laxmi could not tolerate her own son to point an accusing finger towards her husband. She turns him out of the house. 

Second son Shashi steals money from his own house for pocket expenses and he is turned out of the house by the father. The daughter Bablee refuses to marry the boy whom her parents have selected for her. And this is how a happy family is plunged into the depths of sorrow. The wife in Laxmi stood up for the punishment meted out to the sons but the mother in her started .pinning for them. This did not go unnoticed by Shekhar. Shekhar had hardly got over this calamity, when he learns his wife, his life - Laxmi is buffering from Blood Cancer - the monolith in him comes crashing down. The person who had never accepted defeat in life; who was never deterred by any problems is sucked i. to a vacuum. He leaves no stone unturned, spares no effort how so ever big it was, to pull out his dear wife from the jaws of death. He swallows his own pride, throws his well-nourished principles of life to wind. He goes and begs his sons to return home, on their own terms if they felt that way, so that their presence may act as a catalytic agent to save their mother. 

Did the undaunted effort and unflinching devotion of Shekhar towards his wife, perform the miracle? 

Could the affection of her children drive away the YAMARAJ? 

These are some of few intricate webs woven tenderly, interestingly and dramatically in SADAA SUHAGAN.

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