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Sailaab (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

Rajeev comes to city to kill Dr. Sushma but kills Yashodha Devi by mistake. While escaping he meets an accident and losses his memory. He is being taken to the hospital where Dr. Sushma treats him unknowingly that he is the killer and gives him a new name Krishna. On one side inspector Ranjeet is investigating the murder case, on the other hand inspector Haider Ali wants to know about Krishna. By some way or the other inspector Ranjeet suspects Krishna as murderer. While treatment Sushma & Krishna fell in love with each other & get married. Monty who is mad behind money plays fishy tricks with her own wife & tries to kill her. Luckily inspector Ranjeet saves her and she discloses all about his tricks. In further investigation inspector Ranjeet comes to know that Rajeev is the real murderer of Yashodha Devi & wants to kill Sushma. Ranjeet warns Sushma to be careful from Rajeev but she denies. Ranjeet follows Sushma & Rajeev.

What happened next? 

Why Rajeev wants to kill Sushma? 

Did Rajeev recollects his memory? 

Did inspector Ranjeet succeed in investigation?

For solution go to your nearest cinema to see SAILAAB.

(From the official press booklet)