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Sansar (1987)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of a happy joint family-like any other joint family in our country, this family has its moments of joys and sorrows too—

Devi Dayal (Anupam Kher) is the head of the family-he has wife Godavari (Seema Deo), three sons Vijay (Raj Babbar), Shiva (Ajankya Deo), Vidya Sagar (Hari), one daughter Rajini (Archana Joglekar), two daughters-in-law Uma (Rekha) and Basanthi (Priyanka). He educated his eldest son Vijay very well, with a result he (Vijay) got a good job and started earning Rs. 1,725/- P. M. But the higher education of his first son sapped his financial resources. So that he could not educate his second son enough and the later had to cut short his education pursuit in the middle and take up a job of a motor mechanic on a salary of Rs. 525/- P. M. The only daughter of the family Rajini got married to a Christian boy, much against the wishes of her family members. 

Like any other middle class family, problems in this family also started for economic reasons. The eldest son started complaining about his enormous to the family expenses.

When his wife went to her brother's place for her first delivery he reduced his contribution to the family expenses to half this set the ball rolling for a severe clash between him and his father so much so that the house which used to resound with the laughter of the united family plunged into deep sorrow and anguish. The house is divided in two parts with a line drawn in the middle of it. On one side lived Vijay and on the other the rest of the family—when Uma the first daughter in-law returned with her first born, nobody received her, nobody talked to her from the other side-nobody even welcomed her new born baby. This pained her a great deal. The architect of unity, the symbol of love and affection Uma, started her crusade for reuniting the family. 

Was she able to do this? 

Did Vijay rectify his narrow mindedness? 

All this can be seen in the sweet end unforgettable family drama that is 'Sansar'.

(From the official press booklet)


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