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Sasural (1941)

  • LanguageHindi

The step-mother of Vinod does not desire that Vinod should marry. Many postponements of this marriage perturbed Usha's parents. Smelling some mischief Usha's parents decide to visit Vinod's parents and settle the matters finally. So they come to Vinod's place with Usha. 
Vinod's mother created a row and persuaded her husband to see that Vinod is not seen by the expected guests. She puts Vinod in the care of the servant Narayan with strict instructions not to allow Vinod out of, the room even for a single moment, during the stay of the guests. Vinod on the other hand is very keen to have a look at his fiancee. He persuades Narayan and peeps through the window. Seeing his shadow Usha shrieks and cries "thief! thief!' 

Next morning while taking a stroll in the garden Usha hears a song. She follows the tune and finds Vinod there. Vinod introduces himself as Narayan - the servant of Vinod Babu. Usha and her parents leave the town on assurance that no sooner Vinod returns from Nainital he will be sent to their place. After some days, Vinod's father is again reminded by the father of Usha to send Vinod. Inspite of the great opposition from the step-mother Vinod is sent to Usha's town. 'Narayan is instructed to see that Vinod on no account should misbehave, talk much or eat much and if he needs advice, he should consult Narayan. 

In the way Vinod persuades Narayan to pose as Vinod since Usha has met him and, knows him as Narayan. Sarju - the pet maid servant of Usha is much attracted towards Vinod acting as Narayan while on the other hand Narayan posing as Vinod finds himself in a very awkward fix - as he cannot take any liberty with Usha. 

Usha consults Sarju how to talk to Vinod Babu. Being inexperienced in love affairs Sarju could not throw any light on the matter. Sariu suggests that she will consult the servant of Vinod Babu in the matter. The fake Vinod dares not take advantage of the situation for fear that lie may get good thrashing from his master. Then things steam up till Usha sees the fake Vinod making love to Sari u. She is very disappointed but Vinod posing as Narayan proposes that she should elope with him to teach a lesson to Vinod Babu. 

The fake Vinod reveals his real identity to Sarju. Sarju longing to re-main with Usha for ever decides to elope with Narayan. They elope. Usha's parents are stunned to hear the news that Usha has eloped with the servant and Sarju has eloped with Vinod Babu. 

While on the run Usha and Vinod have to spend the night in a villager's hut. The villager and his wife mistake them for husband and wife. Usha wants to get out of this mess, but she could not help it. Next morning the police arrive on the spot. Vinod dragging Usha away, makes an escape. They have to spend the night in the ruins. Vinod tells Usha of his real identity but this wounds Usha. She feels that he has cheated her.

At last the police arrest these couples. The parents of Usha also arrive at the moment when the things are quite hot for Vinod. The parents of Usha decide that Usha must be married on the spot. A Pandit is called when he is on the point of performing the marriage ceremony. Great fun follows till the father of Vinod reaches the place and solves the tangle which was getting beyond solution.

(From the official press booklet)