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Shama (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

MaulviKarimmnddin was a very pious and patriotic soul, whose daughter was Shama. Perhaps her good qualities made her parents to name her Shama. Maulvi Sahib also brought up the son Prakash of his friend GhoshBabu, who was fighting against the British Raj. 

In the same town lived Nawab Yusuf Khan along with his brother Aslam and his four year old son Shohnawaz. Shanu's mother has passed away. Nawab did not marry again only with a hope that Aslam will be married and his sister-in-law will give motherly love to Shanu. One day Nawab Sahib came to know that Aslam is involved with a prostitute, Feroza. On the advice of his MunimDinu Kaka, he went to Maulvi Sahib to ask for his daughter's hand for Aslam. 

Barat was about to leave the bridegroom's house when suddenly Feroza'sMamuDilwar appeared provoked him to flee away. Shama was made like a bride but could not become the bride; Maulvi could not bear this shock and left this world for good. 

After some days, Aslam along with Feroza, her mother and MamuDilwar came to stay at Haveli of Nawab Sahib and started behaving in a shameless manner.

Nawab Sahib decided to put Shanu in the boarding house. Shama and her mother were staying with Nawab Sahib's old Poophi and it was a coincidence. Poophi retorted to Nawab Sahib. "You are responsible to ruin Shama's life and now it is your duty that Shame is settled in life." On Poophi's insistence Nawab Sahib got married to Shama and brought her home. 

Shahnawaz came back from the boarding house but could not stand the presence of Shama. But Shama with her affection and love, she won over Shanu who was convinced enough to call her mother. 

Eight years passed by and Shanu became 12 year old boy. Prakash came to see his sister Shama after becoming a lawyer. One night, Aslam, under the influence of liquor misbehaved and slapped his brother Nawab Sahib. It was too much for Nawab Yusuf Khan, he suffered a heart attack and ultimately he bade away farewell to the world. 

And one night, when Aslam in the state of drunkenness entered Shama's room and insulted her. Shahnawaz watching everything could not tolerate the insult of his mother and shoots Aslam to death with his father's revolver.

(From the official press booklet)