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Shatranj (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

Life is a game of chess and all the human beings are like pawns on a chessboard and the pawns to entertain you all in our film are :-

1. Dharam (Kader Khan):    He sacrificed all his dreams and desires in life to bring up his younger brothers. He loved everything in this world but hated only one       thing - "Women". 

2. Dinky (Mithun Chakraborty):    He was the most sensitive man and could smell out a woman even in his sleep. He loved only one thing in life - "Woman". 

3. Dinu (Jackie Shroff):    He thought that life is only limited to garages, cars and spanners. He could fight anyone but was afraid of only one thing-"Woman".

4. Radha (Juhi Chawla):     A school teacher who was taught the A,B,C of love by Dinky.

5. Renu (Divya Bharti):    An airhostess, who wanted to take a flying leap into Dinu's arms.

6. Rosy (Jamuna):    She grew up with just one ambition in life and that was to win Dharam's heart.

7. Robin (Shakti Kapoor):    His only hobby in life was to chase anything in skirt.

8. Guchi:    The most naughty and lovable chimp, whose only aim in life was to entertain the Public.

9. Dug Dug (The Car):     Who is more human and sensitive than a man. 

10. Prajapati (Kiran Kumar):     The bad man who is out to destroy the world. All these pawns will provide you, wholesome romance, high-pitch drama, mind                blowing action, spine chilling suspense, rib tickling comedy and nothing but pure "Entertainment".

(from the official press booklet)