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Shatru (1986)

  • LanguageHindi

'Shatru' tells the story of a brave and honest police officer's solitary fight against corruption in a town called Haridaspur When inspector Ashok Sharma is posted to Haridaspur he is amazed to find that Nishikant Shah is virtually the uncrowned king of that area and he has unleashed a reign of terror all over the place with the help of his henchmen. Nishikant Shah is one of those who is absolutely convinced that every human being is meagre commodity and every relationship a mere transaction. An inspired inspector Sharma rises to the occasion and takes on the might of Nishikant Shah and his various allies (which include the local MLA and other members of the police force itself) single handedly. The plight of an orphaned young child Chottoo with whom he strikes an unusual friendship provides his mission with an emotional incentive. Chottoo's father had been killed by these villains who are otherwise perfectly 'respectable' members of society. 

'Shatru' emphasises that the policeman is the greatest ally and friend of ordinary people and only if more policemen would follow the brilliant example set by Ashok Sharma then not just one town but the entire country can be freed from the menace of corruption. In short, 'Shatru' shows the way we can give our nation a clean image by getting rid of all anti-social elements. The only weapons needed to win this war are honesty, integrity an0d high principles. By highlighting all this, 'Shatru' is cinematically conveying the essence of our young and dynamic Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's call to every corner of the country. Mythology and history never tire of telling us that good always triumphs over evil. 'Shatru' demonstrates how simply it can be achieved in the present day milieu of diminishing values and increasing vandalism. 'Shatru' leads and if the rest only follow its message then the day is not far when India will be a super power not just in the third World but in the entire world. A patriotic film on a topical theme which offer a practical solution to all our present problems.'Shatru' is much much more than a motion picture it is an eye opener for the conscience of our country.

(From the official press booklet)