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Shiela (Pind Di Kuri) (1936)

  • Release Date26/03/1937
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time153 min
  • Length4191 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate Number16936 - Calcutta

Sheila (Nawab Begum), a poor village girl was left an orphan after the death of her mother. The village Zamindar (Nawazish Ali) promised Sheila’s mother on her deathbed that he will look after her daughter. Days passed by and Kidar (K. L. Rajpal), the only son of the Zamindar, who was in the Indian army came home on leave. He was attracted by the innocent beauty of Sheila and soon fell in love with her. Sheila also reciprocated his feelings, but she was doubtful whether Kidar would be faithful to her since she was a poor orphan village girl and he was the son of a Zamindar. But her joy knew no bound when Kidar one day accepted her as his wife before the Goddess, without the knowledge of his parents, and promised to be faithful to her. After a couple of days of bliss however, their happiness came to an end. Kidar had to go back to his battalion as war broke out. Sheila was left alone in the village as the only man who cared, loved and admired was far off in the battle-field fighting for the British kingdom. Meanwhile, Sheila showed signs of pregnancy and when Kidar’s parents came to know about this they turned her out of their home. She cried and pleaded for mercy, but her tears didn’t move them, so she was compelled to admit that her child was their own grandchild. This infuriated the zamindar and alas, once again she was left alone in the world. Nobody gave her shelter in the village fearing the wrath of the Zamindar. The only course now left for her was to commit suicide and she threw herself on a railway track. A gentleman passing that way noticed her lying on the railway track. Risking his own life he saved Sheila just when a train was about to run over her. The brave man rescued her and sent her to a Hindu Ashram where she took training as a nurse. In the meantime, she gave birth to a male child. She joined the civil hospital as a nurse to earn her livelihood. Lala Mohanlal, a rich man with ill intentions who’d come to the hospital to visit a friend took a fancy to Sheila and called her home on the pretext of tending to a sick lady. When Sheila arrived, he tried to outrage her modesty and she stabbed him to death in self-defense. She tried to escape from the crime scene but was arrested by the police. Meanwhile, the war was over and Kidar was returning home by the fastest train to see his beloved after a long time. Not finding his love Sheila in the house, he confronted his parents and they explained the whole situation to him. Kidar told them that Sheila was a chaste girl and that she was his wife. Kidar left his house in search of Sheila going from city to city in a frenzy to find his beloved. One day while travelling in train, he read in a newspaper that Sheila was being tried for theft and murder in the court. The lower court found her guilty of murder and gave her death sentence. He hurried down to the place and met Sheila in jail. He struggled hard to get out of imprisonment.



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